AI Self Drive

Host & Transfer your files across Different Clouds from One Platform

Cloud Transfer

Combine All Clouds into One & Transfer & Sync files between Different Clouds.

About AI Self Drive

AI Self Drive allows you to connect all your cloud drives and transfer or sync files from one cloud service directly to another. You can also manage online files from Selfiple clouds all under one virtual roof with upload, download, cut, copy, paste, move, delete. Rename, etc.

Directly transfer files from one cloud drive to another.

Sync clouds and scheduled cloud-to-cloud backup.

Completely easy to manage your online storage.

File transfer in background with browser closed.

Cloud File Transfer

Transfer Data across Cloud Drives

Copy, move or migrate files from one cloud directly to another with Copy & Paste or Drag & Drop, instead of downloading and re-uploading files between different cloud accounts anymore. For instance, you can copy and paste a certain file from Dropbox to Google Drive through a windows type of service or set up a transfer task to migrate one cloud to another.

Transfer files between cloud services

AI Self Drive can connect all your clouds and enable you to securely access all the online files like documents, images, music and videos from Selfiple cloud storage services all under one virtual roof. With the help of AI Self Drive, you can transfer files between cloud services using drag & drop. The process of transfer runs on the server of AI Self Drive, so there's no need to keep the device working all the time to download from one cloud and upload the files to another cloud service.

What can AI Self Drive help me with?

Online storage is an integral part of life now, but with so many cloud storage services with different features, you might have many different cloud storage services to fulfill all your needs. For instance, many people have an account with both Google Drive and Dropbox. Before, when we need to do cloud file transfer, we had to download the files from one service and upload these files to another. If you are transferring large files, it may be more troublesome.

With the help of AI Self Drive, you’ll be able to:

Access all your Selfiple clouds with one account.

Transfer data across clouds using drag & drop.

Automatically transfer files from cloud to cloud by setting up a scheduled transfer task.

Offline Data Transfer

The process of transfer runs on the server of AI Self Drive, so the data is still transferring even when your device is power off. As it is offline cloud sync or transfer, once you launch data transmission, you can simply shut down your browser or computer and leave the rest to AI Self Drive.

AI Self Drive can connect all your cloud storage services and access all your files from one single web interface. You can transfer, sync or backup files between clouds by setting up transfer tasks, or simply copy the file(s) from one cloud to another. The process of cloud file transfer runs on the server of AI Self Drive, so it will be still transferring even when your device is powered off.

NOTE: AI Self Drive will NOT store users’ files permanently. When the transfer of data is complete, the data will be deleted from AI Self Drive database.

Why is offline file transfer more convenient?

Recently, it is more and more popular to save files or backup data on cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, etc. And, many people use more than one cloud storage services to expand their free online storage or to have combination of more features provided by those different cloud services. However, if users want to transfer files across different clouds, they have to download files from one cloud to their devices and re-upload them to another cloud. With AI Self Drive, for instance, we can transfer files from OneDrive to Dropbox by setting up a transfer task between these two clouds or simply use "Copy" or "Copy to" and it is offline cloud transfer, so no need to download and re-upload files from one cloud to another.

Online Storage Services Supported by AI Self Drive

AI Self Drive supports more than 10 cloud services like

Google Drive, Dropbox, MEGA, OneDrive, etc.

Security Guarantee

Website connect and cloud transfer using 256-bit AES encryption for SSL.

Does not save or cache your data and files on our servers.

Access cloud drives with OAuth authorization and does not save your password.

About AI Self Drive

The Smart Cloud Manager for ALL Your Cloud Transfer, Sync, Backup and Management Needs.
Data security is at the heart of us, we take security seriously.

Who We Are

Get Work For Your Idle Machines In Just Few Clicks

Welcome to AI Self Drive. We are an international software company established in 2022. Through years of continuous research and development, we have created this award-winning and highly-rated brand software AI Self Drive. It is a leading web service that can help users easily achieve cloud data management, migration, synchronization and backup between cloud services quickly, safely and smoothly.

Our Values

Users First

Users are the ones on whom our livelihood depends and the presenter of AI Self Drive values.


Those who are not trust-worthy will achieve nothing; those businesses without honest will not succeed.


The first important thing of managing human relations is respecting others.


How much of the responsibility would you lay is the degree to how great is the success.

What AI Self Drive Offer

Highlights Features

  • Industry-leading seamless cloud data migration engine.
  • Customize a synchronization strategy for cloud data.
  • Automatic, smart and convenient online cloud backup.
  • Manage all cloud content with just one single login.

How We're Different

  • Power: Support 10+ leading cloud storage providers.
  • Safe: 100% data security with the strongest 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Easy: Get done smoothly without tech knowledges or skills.
  • Fast: All operations with the highest success rate at a superfast speed.

AI Self Drive Security

Get a peace of mind of knowing you are safe

Never Save Your Data

AI Self Drive doesn’t store user’s data in any form. When you try to visit one of your cloud drive accounts via AI Self Drive, a connection will be built up automatically between the two servers: AI Self Drive and the cloud drive you request. AI Self Drive only works as a channel. And all the files and data that you visited via AI Self Drive will not be saved on our server and they are still kept in their original cloud drives. Thus, there is no need for you to worry about the privacy and security of your data. AI Self Drive can only be allowed to access into your cloud drive accounts with your own permission.

Oath Authorization System

The authorization system of AI Self Drive is based on OAuth , which means the username and password for the cloud drive account you add to AI Self Drive will not be recorded. OAuth is a standard authorization framework supported by Google Drive, SkyDrive, and Dropbox, etc. It enables third-party applications to build up connections with cloud services without a username and password.

256-bit AES Encryption

We choose to apply 256-bit AES Encryption for SSL during data transfer. It’s an advanced encryption technology that can effectively protect your data from tampering, interception and cracking. Please rest assured that it’s 100% safe for you to use the service of AI Self Drive.

Compliance With GDPR & Privacy

We respect your privacy. We apply appropriate security and technical measures to protect the privacy of personal data. Besides, only personal data necessary for a specific purpose can be processed by AI Self Drive. You can view our privacy policy to understand what information we collect and how we use, share, and protect user information.

Remove Added Clouds Anytime

When you add a cloud account to AI Self Drive, you need to authorize AI Self Drive connection permissions. Absolutely, you can revoke authorization to AI Self Drive anytime. If you revoke the authorization, AI Self Drive will no longer be connected to this cloud account. Learn more about it in your cloud account treaty.

Delete Account Permanently

We respect all your decisions and your privacy. You can permanently delete AI Self Drive account at any time. When you decide to close it, all your account information will be cleared from our database.